Munich´s Tour



Munich´s Tour

Munich is a young city, the year 1158 is assumed to be the foundation date, but with only 850 years of life, Munich is the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria, the third largest city in Germany, the headquarters of BMW, Siemens, Allianz and MAN SE and have been the city's official of Ludwig the Bavarian, when it was an imperial residence. Although Munich is young, it has had a vivid history, the city was heavily damaged by allied bombing during World War II — the city was hit by 71 air raids over a period of five years and has also hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics. Today Munich is home to many national and international authorities, major universities, major museums and theaters, numerous architectural attractions, international sports events, exhibitions, conferences and the Oktoberfest, the world's largest beer festival, about 6 million guests from all over the world visited the world's largest annual fair. A relaxed festival, because a couple of years ago, the festival received 7 million visitors.

As the capital of bavaria, we will enjoy the monumental buildings, palaces and gardens. As a university town, we will enjoy the young lifestyle and thanks to the proximity of Italy, we will enjoy the Italian lifestyle, Munich is known as Monaco of Bavaria.

This adventure is designed to guide you to the most photogenic locations carefully planned for the best light

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Munich´s Tour

Travel, landscape, cityscape, architecture and street photography.

Professional photographer | guide.

Photo walks & discussions.

6 days | 5 nights.

4-star hotels with breakfasts.

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Arrival & Departure Airport: Munich, Germany - Transfer time: 50 min

Our tour begins at 11 AM on the first day


DAY 1: from Marienplatz to Gärtnerplatz

Munich´s Tour

Glockenspiel, Championship celebrations, Christmas market: The Marienplatz square is the urban heart of Munich. Framed by the new and old town hall and the Marian column around the pedestrian zone. Long time there was only one city town hall at Marienplatz but the new one was built around 1900 in the older-looking neo-Gothic style. The old town hall is however almost 400 years earlier. This adventure is designed not only to guide you to the most photogenic locations carefully planned for the best light, but to aid you in mentally visualizing a scene before capturing the decisive moment. Here we will explore the neo-Gothic facade and we will go for the best location and the best angle to take photos.

The Viktualienmarkt developed from the original farmer's market to the popular shopping place for gourmet and 110 vendors, the selection of fresh foods and specialities is greater nowhere in Munich. A special place to look for the best street photo and the best place to eat falafel (typical Arabic vegetarian food).

But it's just a stop on our way to Gärtnerplatz square, a center of the Munich scene district, where the numerous cafés give the place an almost Italian flair. Each year there is an other floral decoration. The munich´s people around the square into one of the many cafe, on the fountain or on a bank. The best place to take Munich´s lifestyle photo.


DAY 2: from Marienplatz to Königsplatz

Munich´s Tour

We will start at Marienplatz square, the urban heart of Munich, to drive our cameras to Odeonplatz square. The square is named for the former concert hall, the Odeon, on its southwestern side. Around the square, the Royal residence with garden courtyard, the Feldherrnhalle and the Theatine Church. On the street are the building of the Odeon (now the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior) and the identical Palais Leuchtenberg (now the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance), both modelled on the Palazzo Farnese in Rome. The Hofgarten Park limited the Odeonsplatz in the East a calmness garden in the city´s centre.

The square, Königsplatz, was designed as part of the representative boulevard Brienner Straße, built in the style of European Neo-Classicism in the 19th century, it is a cultural´s center. The home of the Museum of Classical Art, The Glyptothek, the only museum in the world that solely dedicated to ancient sculpture. Located close to the University of Munich, is a square full of life, where people enjoy their lawn gardens. During the summer this square becomes the largest open air cinema in the city.

We will enjoy the sunset, and looking for the best photography with the best red sun. An ideal place to take picture with ND filters, at dusk, the lighting of the square will create incredible photographs.


DAY 3: from Marienplatz to Englischer Garten

Munich´s Tour

Munich is a green city with numerous parks. The Englischer Garten, close to the city centre and larger than Central Park in New York, is one of the world's largest urban public parks. Here is where the people of munich enjoy sunny days, do sport, enjoy picnic´s day and where the people enjoy beer in the biergarten.

We will start our green route in the Hofgarten Park a calmness garden in the city´s centre, where will discover incredible places. The Hofgarten Park connects the city´s centre with the English garden.

On the extensive grounds are many almost magical places to discover. There are the best views of the Park at Monopteros, the Japanese tea house was built until 1972, the best-known building in the English garden is the Chinese Tower, the pagoda construction, in Imperial Chinese style, is 25 meters high.

We will enjoy the sunset´s photography and we take Fine Art Photos.


DAY 4: Olympiapark and BMW World

Munich´s Tour

The Olympiapark is an Olympic Park which was constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics. Up until 1939, Oberwiesenfeld (Olympiapark) had largely been used as an airfield. Today the Park continues to serve as a venue for cultural, social, and religious events such as events of worship. With over 50 meters of altitude, the Olympic Hill dominates the Park area - an ideal place to enjoy the views over the rooftops of Munich, up in the mountains.

The Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower) has an overall height of 291 m, the tower has one elevator with a speed of 4 m/s that costs €5,5 because at a height of 190 m there is an observation platform and restaurant.

BMW World is a building with a multi-functional customer experience and exhibition facility located in the Olympic Park, the building, with the silhouette feature of futuristic projects is covered with steel plates and glass, the BMW Welt is a dynamic construction of semitransparent glass structure with a corrugated steel roof and one ending in a double twist in the form of a cone. It is a building with character and design, it must be visited and photographed. A reference architecture that will provide us incredible photographs.


DAY 5: Nymphenburg Palace

Munich´s Tour

During this day we will visit the Nymphenburg Palace, is one of the most famous sights of Munich. The baroque facades comprise an overall width of about 700 metres and the park begins with a system in strict symmetric French style. The rest of the 229 acre area is an English landscape park with small creeks, canals, cascades, bridges and artificial lakes. We will find a cafe in the old botanical garden, a small palace, and the Temple of Apollo a Monopteros at the Badenburger Lake.

The urban transport network of Munich is important for the city, the tramway started in 1876 and electric trams were introduced in 1895, the tramway network grown with the city and is an inseparable part of the city, there are many places where the tram is part of the city and we will go there to take fantastic photos.


DAY 6: End Day

Munich´s Tour

We will move in Munich by public transport to move us easily to the farthest points of the city. We will looking for the most incredibles pictures in the smaller places of the city, we will go to a private church, the old Parliament, we will feel the essence of the Oktoberfest in the center of the city or we can walk by a footbridge over the river Isar.





Munich´s Tour

All our Photo Tours can be customized to any customer providing us their concerns and interest so we will ensure a memorable experience and in addition. We can focus on architectonical photowalks; landscape; visit monumental buildings and organize small trip to other beautiful places near to Munich. We offer you another way of seeing, knowing and feeling Munich and its surroundings, while at the same time develop your photography skills. You will get tips and tricks on shooting, so the unique limit is the creative and motivation.

Our Photo Tours are carefully planned for every need, every place and moment to guide you to the most photogenic locations carefully planned for the best light. We research and scout each location because we want to enhance your interest, understanding and appreciation for the world around you while you learn to improve your photography skills.

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  • Neuschwanstein Castle.
  • Salzburgo: Mozart´s city.
  • Zugspitze: Highest mountain in Germany, 2.962m